FalcoViz ecosystem (FalcoSys) are holistically integrated systems and ecosystems aiming to resolve complex economic development impediments via the intrinsic implementation of the FalcoViz Developmental Frameworks (FVDF). FalcoSys comprises 12 systems and ecosystem as depicted below.

  •  ICRE is an innovative rating services ecosystem aiming to resolve information asymmetry, high transaction cost, and enormous risks associated with SME financing. This ecosystem encompasses more than 30 types of rating systems.
  •  IPLM is used to computationally model public and economic policies via rigorously defined lifecycle framework. IPLM leverage governments to iteratively develop optimal policies via adaptive lifecycle that comprises policy modeling, verification, monitoring, and optimization.
  •  FPSI is an intelligent financial products and services innovation environment that implements numerous innovations fostering models such as computational design thinking. This environment fosters innovation via virtual innovation ergonomics that is seamlessly integrated with multitude competent resources.
  •  EIDE is a multidimensional industrial development ecosystem that encompass competencies development centers, intelligent supply ecosystem, computational industrial economics models, and industrial knowledge continuum implemented via computational ontologies.
  •  SSE is innovative financial services ecosystem intending to radically resolve the chronic and complex impediments encountering Small to Medium Enterprises (SME). This is accomplished via cutting-edge operational, technological, financial, and economic models.
  •  IPM is an integrated open digital marketplace that promotes, facilitates, and executes the trading of strategic assets and artifacts such as strategic projects (e.g. BOT), Invoices, Tenders, Real estates, Resources, and Entrepreneurs Equities.
  •  MTR was developed to tackle the overwhelming disruption of the monetary system via cryptocurrencies and other virtual currencies. MTR transforms any cryptocurrency into an asset-backed monetary artifact by employing intelligent tokens.
  •  IFSR is a self-evolving intelligent regulatory ecosystem that can seamlessly be utilized by various financial regulators such as central banks, prudential regulatory agencies, capital market authorities, insurance regulators, fintech regulators … etc.
  •  The purpose of GTKI is to integrate any stakeholder with global knowledge continuum that is implemented via computational ontologies. GTKI enables various global stakeholders to develop, model, verify, optimize, and consume computationally represented knowledge.
  •  IFER provides intelligent technological ecosystem aiming to optimize the international banking regulation for both central and commercial Banks. Furthermore, this technology empowers central banks to optimally design international banking policies.
  •  EDR is an intelligent system that helps governments to design, verify, simulate, and computationally deploy economic models. Furthermore, EDR uses command and control modules to monitor, control, and optimize the execution of national economic strategies.
  •  IECS delivers customized educational content to specific student by utilizing advances in pedological sciences, developmental psychology, cognitive sciences, computational epistemology, artificial intelligence, knowledge ecosystems, and intelligent educational technologies.