The Falcon

King Abdulaziz

- The Falcon of Economic Frog-Leaping

This global initiative was inspired by disruptive vision of the founder of Saudi Arabia, King Abdulaziz ibn Abdul Rahman ibn Faisal ibn Turki ibn Abdullah ibn Muhammad Al Saud (January 1875 – November 1953). Due to his enormous intelligence, unparalleled caliber, amiable personality, empathic mindset, and very high-quality decision-making competencies, King Abdulaziz was nicknamed the Falcon of the Arabian peninsula. Consequently, this initiative is called FalcoViz (“the vision of the falcon”) intending to efficiently extend the implementation of his majesty’s vision via contemporary epistemological frameworks, cutting-edge technological models, and intelligent global knowledge and innovation ecosystems.

It is flamboyantly vivid and indisputable fact that the frog-leaping of KSA was one of the most dramatic economic development that transformed the country from extremely under-developed country into a prosperous country attributed with very high quality of life, relatively high income per capita, and very stable both economically and politically via well architected constitutions, strategies, policies, and governances. This accomplishment is mainly attributed to the vision of King Abdulaziz, and his chain of high-quality strategic decisions.

Looking via deep analytical lenses into the economic strategies and decision of King Abdulaziz, we can vividly realize that he implicitly adopted “Empathy-based economics”. His majesty employed his enormous knowledge, experience, and competent advisors to elicit holistic values, and constraints from domestic and global economic landscapes via his innate empathy-based analytical mindset. Consequently, he setup an exponential development framework that was able to frog-leap the nation from a very poor to very prosperous nation that is playing a pivotal role in global economic development and stability.

In summary, we can summarize the accomplishment of King Abdulaziz as follows:

  •  First to implicitly implement empathy-based economics
  •  Optimal capitalization of oil resources by strategic alliances with efficient complementers
  •  A pioneer in the implementation of Public Private Partnership (PPP) models such as BOT
  •  Sowed efficient seeds for knowledge-based economy via the accelerated establishment of high-quality educational systems and on-job training.
  •  Accelerated the acquisition of tacit knowledge by developing optimal incentives to entice global experts and highly competent firms
  •  Institutionalized the commitment towards global economic developments via well-orchestrated economic development instruments
  •  Established political and economic stability via plausibly architected constitutions and governances
  •  Developed very efficient diplomatic framework that consolidated KSAs bonds with other nations, and its significant contribution to global economy.
  •  Contributed significantly to global economic renaissance during post-WW2 industrial revolution via optimally orchestrated global supply-chains of oil and its derivatives
  •  The prominent membership of Saudi Arabia in G20 was the fruit of the seeds sowed by his majesty (the falcon of economic frog-leaping).
  •  Exponentially transformed an extremely under-developed country into very prosperous nation playing a pivotal role in global economic development and stability.