An intelligent global ecosystem that brings together diverse global competent stakeholders dedicated to make real and disruptive difference via collective innovation of novel economic development frameworks and intelligent ecosystems

About FalcoViz

FalcoViz is a nonprofit organization founded to disruptively develop economic remedies and values via global collaborations.

Our Vision

To be the anchor for disruptive global economic development to radically resolve economic development impediments.

Our Mission

To exponentially develop economic values and remedies via global ecosystem of professional, experts, academics, firms, and governmental agents.

Our Frameworks

FalcoViz stakeholders have collectively developed 12+1 rigorously designed frameworks to resolve chronic economic development impediments, and to accelerate holistic development using cutting-edge epistemological and technological models. These frameworks are called FalcoViz Developmental Frameworks (FVDF).


IGEEF is a rigorous framework aiming to exponentially develop novel global educational...

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MECA is a rigorous framework for the development of intelligent cultural transformation ecosystem...

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NAFE is a computational framework for the exponential development of novel financial ecosystem...

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Open SME Operational Framework (OSOF) is used to design empathy-based SME ecosystem that...

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FalcoViz ecosystem (FalcoSys) are holistically integrated systems and ecosystems aiming to resolve complex economic development impediments via the intrinsic implementation of the FalcoViz Developmental Frameworks (FVDF).

Economic Development Regulator (EDR)

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Intelligent Policy Lifecycle Manager (IPLM)

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Global Tacit Knowledge Integrator (GTKI)

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