About Us

About Falcoviz

FalcoViz (the vision of the falcon) was mainly incepted by global team of experts to develop a global ecosystem of competent firms, governmental agencies, academics, and individuals to mutually resolve chronic economic development impediments. To accomplish this mission, FalcoViz employed two complementary approaches, i.e. the development of best practices and knowledge continuum via rigorously designed frameworks, and the implementation of this framework using cutting-edge technological and epistemological models. As such, FalcoViz developed 12+1 frameworks, and 12 implementational systems collectively called FalcoSys.

Our Value Proposition

Holistic economic development via symbiotic collaboration of global experts, academics, firms, and governmental agencies.

Adopting rigorous engagement models to optimize the yield from global collaborations

Adoptive and incremental development of ready to deploy economic development solutions

Resolving chronic SME syndroms via empathy-based symbiotic intelligent ecosystems

Optimize Public Private Partnership (PPP) engagements with symbiotically orchestrated mutual values.

Stimulating exponential economic development via disruptively pragmatic economic development instruments

Continuous innovation of optimal educational delivery system via multidisciplinary frameworks, and intelligent technological models

Exponential industrial development and diversification via global knowledge and supply ecosystems

Optimal national economic regulation via rigorous multidisciplinary epistemology, and intelligent cutting-edge technologies.

The accelerated development of stable and innovative national financial systems to efficiently leverage economic development

Efficient cultural transformations, and intercultural integration via multidisciplinary epistemological and technological models

Resolving chronic social pitfalls and impediments via optimal remedies artifacts, and symbiotic global networks

Stimulating exponential entrepreneurs’ development via virtual incubation environments and global competencies continuum

Radically resolving public finance impediments via intelligent self-evolving financial technology ecosystem

Institutionalization and regulation of conformance to dignity-centric services via computational dignity models